Website Design

As a business owner, you know the importance of making sure that you have a presence online and can compete in your niche and marketplace. There are many factors to consider when figuring out how much it’s going cost to get the website and online presence you’d like, and what will ultimately appeal to your target audience.

WE HELP YOU AFFORDABLY GET ONLINE, GET NOTICED AND GET GOING! If you need a Content Management System or a Logo design we can help with that too! .

Website Design

We strongly believe that websites should be unique and inspirational. For this reason we rely heavily on custom design process here at Create The Net. That design process is then accompanied by a web standards compliant development process that allows all of our clients to get the most out of their websites in terms of search engine optimization at launch.

We create innovative designs meant to reinforce the client’s brand and do so by getting to know our clients and understanding their needs. Create The Net Sydney is dedicated to quality website design and development, as well as superior customer service and satisfaction.

Create The Net is a firm believer in open source applications. We don’t believe that it is necessary to re-create the wheel, if an application exists on the market that will work with for our clients needs, then we make use of that application.

More often then not the open source applications that we make use of the most are Content Management Systems that allow our clients to edit their own content on their website. We make use of open source applications for two reasons. First open source applications are cost effective for our clients, as they keep custom development costs low. Secondly by using open source applications as a content management system we make it possible for clients to use another design studio if they find the need to. We believe that you will be completely satisfied with our service at Create The Net, but if for some reason you are not, we do not cripple our clients by using a custom built Content Management System that only we can use or access.

We urge all of our clients to be weary of any design company that uses their own branded Content Management System, as many of these companies will require you to switch to a different Content Management System if you choose to no longer work with them, which results in clients having to pay for development twice.

When it comes to Content Management Systems, we allow our clients to choose from a wide variety of open source applications that will better suit their needs.

Along with web design and development, Create The Net realizes that many businesses need to be able not only to list their products and services, but be able to sell them as well. Create The Net works with it’s clients to determine with shopping cart platform best meets their needs.

When it comes to Create The Net the ways in which we can assist your business is limitless. Do you have a current site that needs to be re-worked or maintained, we can assist with that. Does your current business site lack Google Analytics, keywords, or search engine friendly URL’s? We can help with that also. Regardless of what it is, if it involves the web, Create The Net can help.

Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

Business owners may simply not have the time to organise all the parts of setting up the web basics. Our Sydney Website Designers can help you with choosing your domain name as well as the web hosting. Choosing a domain name for your business is very important in getting your site ranked and for this reason you do need a company that knows SEO to help you out with this. It is a good idea to have your business keywords in your website’s domain name.

Our Website Design Services in Sydney will be able to help you out with the research and help you choose the best domain name for your business that will not only get you the best rankings, but will have the most amount of traffic search. At this very early stage of the business is so important that you get the domain name right. Making the wrong decision here could have far reaching consequences for your online marketing as the business matures.

Be smart and let experts handle this part for you. In regards to web hosting, Create The Net offers a local web hosting that is speedy, secure and 99.99 % reliable.

To make this affordable for you, we offer 1 year free hosting and a free domain name.(Included in our web designing prices.)

Website Maintenance

As a complete web solutions company, Create The Net offers affordable website maintenance for all Sydney businesses and businesse in other australian cities. We ensure that your website will always stay up-to-date, informative, user friendly and interesting for both new and returning visitors.

Our Web Designers create AFFORDABLE WEB DESIGNS that are google friendly and meet your budget! Click here for a free web design quote.