Web Analytics

Web analytics is a key element in monitoring your websites performance. Knowing how many visitors your website has, where they come from and what keywords they have used to find your website helps you understand how close you are to your goals in your online marketing campaigns and more importantly your online investment.

Create the Net uses Google Analytics to answer these questions:

  • Who and how many visited your website?
  • What percentage came through search-engines?
  • What combination of keywords and search engines led them to the site?
  • Which pages did they visit and in what sequence?
  • Where did they go?
  • Does the navigation in your website need improvement?
  • Is it too complicated to conclude a sale?
  • What percentage of the visitors purchased your product or service?
  • Which geographical location constitutes your highest-spending consumer group?

By knowing the specifics of your site’s visitors, we can prepare your websites’ SEO plan to increase your site’s traffic and target your potential customers more cost-effectively. We can easily use this statistics to gauge your website’s success.